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  • Tool for testing and simulating REST and SOAP APIs.

    Whats new in version 5.3.0:
    Major new features:
    • REST Mocking - Easily create REST MockServices without scripting and test unavailable/prototype APIs.
    • OAuth 2.0 support - Test APIs using OAuth 2.0, group different OAuth 2.0 credentials into profiles, and automate your OAuth 2.0 tests to integrate with other build tools.
    • (Pro only) REST Discovery - Quickly get your undocumented API under test by recording your interactions with the API.
    • (Pro only) REST Test Suite Builder - Automatically create test suites from your recorded interactions with the API, making sure you test the right requests.
    • (Pro only) REST Discovery + REST Mocking - Seamlessly create REST Mocks using responses from REST Discovery recordings. Bugs fixed:
    • XSDs now exposed correctly for MockServices in subdirectories (SOAP-1313)
    • Memory log panel now shows correct total memory for sizes above 2GB (SOAP-1574)
    • It is now possible to sign the BinarySecurityToken when creating a WSS signature entry (SOAPUI-4586/SOAP-1097, ...

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